Dear Visitors,

We are happy to welcome you at our website.

The European Amateur Cup Show for Arabian Horses
is a one of a kind event in Europe.

Our main goal is to offer a platform for all Arabian horse owners in Europe,
based on the true fundament of the “ Show-Pyramid” displayed by ECAHO.

We believe that getting together, meeting people with the same interest 
and having a joyful day between our beloved horses
is “The way to Success “ of this event.

We are opening up to the request of so many of you : 
to have a show with fair rules  and fair competition,  
besides the level of the professional handlers.

Horses will be shown  in  “In Hand Classes”,   
in ridden  “Pleasure Classes” as
Classic,  Western, Hunter and in Trail Classes.

The promotion of the “universal use” of the  Arabian horse,
as a pet, as a family member,  a friend,  a show horse or a ridden companion
is very important to all of us. 

We therefore hope to contribute to show “the world”  
 the versatility of the Arabian -and related horses with their kind nature,
to all participants, visitors and sponsors.

We are looking forward to welcome all of you, 
in great numbers at our joyful event.

At your service,
The European Amateur Cup Show Organization Team